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Current Frequently Asked Question - Long Term Specific Diseases and TT

QuestionI would appreciate hearing from others about their experience in working with long term specific diseases such as multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, etc.

Answer A. Cooke, Stirling, ON responds:

When asking about treating different diseases with Therapeutic Touch, we run the danger of looking at the disease rather than the person. We must remember at all times that we are treating the whole person at all levels of their being - physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. To look at a person's disease is to limit our view to the physical aspect of their being. For this reason, my answer is always to go with the field. If we follow the process of Therapeutic Touch we become detached from outcome and focussed on our intention to help. If we focus on the disease, we get tied up with outcome. If we follow the process and let our assessment of the energy field lead us into the treatment, then we are treating the whole person. I always suggest that we approach TT as a child, curious about the outcome, but never attached to any outcome. We just never know what will happen. If we follow the process, centring so that we can become attuned to our inner knowing and that of our client, we are led into the dance, and we work with the energies doing what is best for that person.

AnswerS. Dodsley, from Peterborough, ON, responds:

Working With A Patient With Chronic Headaches In October, 1996, I had just completed Level 2 of Therapeutic Touch. Sharon, a co-worker, asked me if I would give her some TT to see if it would help to relieve the headaches she had been experiencing regularly for 27 years following a whiplash received in a car accident. Sharon agreed to come for a treatment once a week. When the treatments began in November 1996 she was taking about 100 tablets of Fiorinal a month. Three months later, in February, 1997, Sharon started to notice that her headaches were less frequent, and she was taking less medication. Six months later, in May, Sharon stated that she seldom took Fiorinal, Nothing had changed in her life except her weekly sessions in TT. After six months of weekly treatments the schedule became less frequent until the end of the year. In a May, 1998 follow up she stated that she only takes her medication occasionally and when she does get a head-ache it is less severe. She feels TT was a great help to her. I drew the following conclusion: 1. A beginner practitioner can have a positive effect. 2. A significant change occurred over the initial three month period. 3. A remarkable change happened at about the 6 month mark 4. TT has a lasting effect. Sharon has not had a treatment for 5 months. This has been a very positive experience for me and I have progressed to Recognized Practitioner. My only wish is that other clients would be as faithful as Sharon!

We would like to thank those who participated in sending their forums to us in answer to our questions. Sharing this wealth of knowledge helps each and everyone of us grow in our practice.

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