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IN TOUCH is the newsletter of The Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario. It is published quarterly in Mississauga and is mailed to members of The Canadian Therapeutic Touch Networks, subscribers throughout the world, and to other interested parties, organizations and institutions. The opinions and ideas expressed by the writers in this publication are their own and are not necessarily endorsed by the Ontario or Canadian Therapeutic Touch Networks.

M. Simpson, Editor 905-803-4325; Fax: same, phone first; marydale@idirect.com

Editorial Committee: Elisabeth Beyeler, Mary Margaret Biedermann, Carolyn Buchanan, Jodi Cole, Mei-fei Elrick, Sue Frid, Crystal Hawk, Susan Keith, Diane May.

Articles may be submitted at any time for review by the Editorial Committee. Phone interviews can be done on request.

Dates of Publication
Deadlines for Submission
Spring, March 21 January 31
Summer, June 21 April 30
Autumn, September 30 July 31
Winter, December 31 October 31

Advertising We accept advertising in keeping with the philosophies and interests of the Members of the TTNO. Advertising Rates on request. Reduced rates for Members. Please contact the editor.

IN TOUCH offers in each issue: Articles of interest to, and by, those who practice Therapeutic Touch throughout the world. Plus:

*Ramblings From the Editor *Canadian TT Networks Coordinator's Messages *The Word Is Out: Where We've Been/Doing *Our Therapeutic Touch Experiences *Book Reviews - "So Many Books, So Little Time!" *Current News and Views *Questions and Answers About Therapeutic Touch *The Research Page *Members' Forum *Across Our Desk *List of CTTN Teachers *List of CTTN Practice Groups *CTTN Regional Information *Addresses of Interest to TT'rs and: *Pages of specific interest to members of the TTNO - TTNO activities, board and committee reports - Information for teachers and Practice Groups - Practice Group news - Information about the Annual TTNO VISION & REALITY Conference and the Annual General Meeting. - Order form for TTNO audio tapes, brochures, TT Publications and Practitioner Workbooks - An insert listing the 3 levels of workshops by Ontario teachers.

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