The Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario is happy to accept donations from the general public, and does so often 'in memory' of loved ones, in gratitude for TT treatments received, or out of general interest in and support of this modality. To make this easy, we supply appropriate donation cards on request. They are available from the TTNO office at 1-416-231-6824.

The TTNO has three booklets available, entitled

  • Therapeutic Touch™ Information and Guidelines for Institutional, Agency and Organizational Settings
  • The Use of Therapeutic Touch™ in Long Term/Extended/ Chronic Care and Nursing Homes
  • The Use of Therapeutic Touch™ in Hospice and Palliative Care

The price of these vary according to # ordered Each $5.00; 3 + ea, $4.00; 5 + ea, $3.00

We also offer TT items for sale. Here is a partial list of available products and prices. Shipping costs are extra.

TT and TTNO Information
TT Information brochures
English 50/ $1.50
French 50/ $1.50
Membership Application Forms 50/ $1.50
Practitioner Workbooks @15.00; 5 or more @12.00
TEACHING AIDS .................................. @ $16.00
TTNO Guideline/ Curriculum for Teaching TT
Teachers Handouts Vol.1
Teachers handouts Vol.2
Overhead Masters @ $5.00 per set (Subject "Using the Practitioner Workbook". )
Meditation CD "Moving Into the Silence" Each $15.00, 2 for $25.00, 5 for $60.00

For a complete list of Audio Tapes on a variety of Therapeutic Touch™ applications, contact
The Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario. 1-416-231-6824


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