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Annotated Bibliography of Published Therapeutic Touch™ Research

The annotated bibliography is a 53 page booklet listing of all published and qualitative Therapeutic Touch research done from 1975 to July, 2004.

Each of the 59 published studies is summarized, including a description of:

  • study purpose
  • research design
  • characteristics of participants
  • nature of interventions
  • outcome variables measured
  • results
  • conclusions
  • recommendations

This valuable resource:

  • is well organized and easy to read
  • includes keywords so that you can quickly find studies of interest and
  • allows you to become familiar with published Therapeutic Touch research

Becoming familiar with Therapeutic Touch (TT) research will:

  • further your understanding of the effects of TT
  • promote evidence-based practice; and
  • help you answer questions from skeptics, colleagues, students and clients

Copies of the annotated bibliography are available for $15 + $5 (total $20) postage

Order from The Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario; 416-231-6824.

Send payment in Canadian Money Order to: TTNO Office, Box 156, Station U, Etobicoke, ON M8Z 5P1.

Consider adding this valuable resource to your library today!

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