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Current Frequently Asked Question - TT and Pregnancy


I'm a bit anxious about doing TT on someone who is pregnant. Are there any guidelines about when it's OK, related to gestation period, complications, etc? What if something happens to the pregnancy, or the baby is born prematurely or has birth defects? Will the parents blame me? Also, as a TT practitioner, if I myself become pregnant, is it safe for me to continue doing TT to others and/or myself during the pregnancy? Are there any special precautions I should take?

Answer L. Nelson responds:

Because of Dr. Krieger's research paper on husbands doing TT with their pregnant wives, we know for sure that it is definitely safe to have TT done during pregnancy in the last trimester. To my knowledge, little formal research other than this study has been carried out. the late Dora Kunz, in The Personal Aura, makes reference to a protective field around the baby in utero, which is usually resistant to all but the energies from the higher chakras, thus allowing only love and uplifting spiritual energy access to the baby's energy fields. I like to think of the question in terms of our basic principles: What is the Intention? - to help or to help heal; what motivates the intention?- compassion. Since the outcome is not in our hands, we are simply enhancing the person's own healing energies and therefore we cannot hurt anyone. As for whether someone might blame me for a problem pregnancy, that is always a possibility. But this is true in any situation, and if we stopped all our efforts to help because of fear of the many possible outcomes not even related to TT, we would never interact with anyone in any way with or without TT. We need to trust in our intuition, and if we feel uncomfortable about what might happen, then I would avoid using TT in those circum-stances. How would we be able to maintain a fully centered state if these concerns were paramount instead of our connection to the universe and how we could help? Maintaining a fully centred state is the base from which the interaction occurs and as a pregnant practitioner, being able to maintain that centre would be my criteria for whether it was safe to continue as a practitioner during pregnancy. Generally, beginners are not always able to stay centred and might use their own energy instead of universal energy, and it would be prudent not to practice TT in that case. I once felt guilty about not offering to do TT during a difficult pregnancy with a woman who subsequently had a baby with genetic disease. I wondered, if I had offered, whether I might have been able to help avoid the complication. I asked Dr. Krieger about this, and she said I was right to follow my intuition. TT would not have affected the genetic outcome, and in any case the outcome is not in our hands with or without TT.

AnswerM. Apostle Mitchell responds:

As I watch Emily trying to jump around like her big brothers and turn her lunch bowl filled with spaghetti into a hat, it's so hard to believe that only 16 months ago I was pregnant and anxiously awaiting her arrival. I started receiving regular TT treatments as soon as I found out that I was pregnant. It was so wonderful! During my treatment, I would drop into that sacred space which allowed me to shift my awareness to the inner energy growing within me. Words cannot express the joy and excitement which overwhelmed me each time I had the opportunity to really get to know my unborn child in this awesome manner. The only complication that occurred was the steady increase in my abdominal girth... so many times my belly would get into the clients field before my hands! I just had to make a few changes in my posture and body position to ensure that both my client and myself were comfortable. If you have concerns or fears about doing TT on expecting clients, I encourage the review of the basic principles of TT (what is your INTENT?). Under normal conditions of pregnancy, you would use TT to elicit a relaxation response, reduce discomfort, and promote a sense of wellbeing. Energy flow is natural, and occurs effortlessly. The intent in doing the treatment should be to help reestablish the natural rhythm to the client's energy field, and to facilitate the energy flow. If concerns surface, stop the treatment, and recenter. If the questions remain, then you may want to refer your client to another practitioner. Personally, I treat my pregnant clients for shorter periods and with less intensity. To date, I have not found any guidelines other than the information in D. Krieger's books, but I find the best guideline is that of trusting my own intuition. As Dee has said so many times, when in doubt, it is better to under-do rather than over-do. As for the concerns for legal implications, I suggest you develop a letter of information about TT and obtain a signed consent prior to giving TT.

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