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The following list of published papers and research were those used in a
recent meta-analysis of Therapeutic Touch™ Research. For further
information about this Meta-Analysis contact Patricia Winstead-Fry, PhD, RR
#1, Box 2690, Pawlet, Vermont 05761;

For a complete list of Therapeutic Touch published papers and research,
contact the Research Chair of the Nurse Healers-Professional Associates
International, Inc.; Julie Hagemaster, PhD. ARNP,
11711 Mackey, Overland Park, Kansas 66210; JHAGEMAS @kumc.edu

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 Braun, Charleen and Layton, Janice and Braun, Judith. "Therapeutic Touch
Improves Residents' Sleep"
. American Health Care Association Journal,
January, 1986.

Bush, Anita and Geist, Charles. "Geophysical Variables and Behavior:
Testing Electromagnetic Explanations for a Possible Psychokinetic Effect of
Therapeutic Touch
on Germinating Corn Seed". Psychological Reports, 70, 1992.

Fedoruk, Rosalie Berner, PhD. "Transfer of the Relaxation Response:
Therapeutic Touch
B as a Method For Reduction of Stress In Premature
.Thesis, University of Maryland College Park, 1984, UMI #8509162.

France, Nancey Ellen Moreland, PhD. "A Phenomenological Inquiry on the
Child's Lived Experience of Perceiving The Human Energy Field Using
Therapeutic Touch
". Thesis, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center,
1991, UMI #9215316.

Gagne, Deborah and Toye, Richard. "The Effects of Therapeutic Touch and
Relaxation Therapy in Reducing Anxiety"
. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing,
Vol VIII, No3, 1994.

Garrard, Clare Thomasson, DSN. "The Effect of Therapeutic Touch on Stress
Reduction and Immune Function in Persons With AIDS (Immune Deficiency)"
Thesis, University of Alabama at Birmingham, 1995, UMI #9537117

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Hale, Elizabeth Habig, PhD. "A Study of the Relationship Between
Therapeutic Touch
and The Anxiety levels of Hospitalized Elders
(Relaxation, Stress, Energy)"
. Thesis, Texan Woman's University, 1986, UMI

Heidt, Patricia, RN, PhD. "Effect of Therapeutic Touch on Anxiety Level of
Hospitalized Patients"
. Nursing Research, Vol 30, No 1, 1981.

Heidt, Patricia, RN, PhD. "Helping Patients To Rest: Clinical Studies in
Therapeutic Touch
Holistic Nursing Practice, 5 (4), 1991.

Hinze, Mueller, PhD, and Louise, Maxine, PhD. "The Effects of Therapeutic
and Acupressure on Experimentally-Induced Pain"
. Thesis, University
of Texas at Austin, 1988,, UMI #8901377

Keller, Elizabeth, MSN, RN, and Bzdek, Virginia, PhD, RN. "Effects of
Therapeutic Touch
on Tension Headache Pain"
. Nursing Research, Vol 35, No
2, 1986.

Krieger, Dolores, RN, PhD. "Therapeutic Touch: The Imprimatur of Nursing".
American Journal Of Nursing, May 1975.

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Lionberger, Harriet Jacqueline, DNS. "An Interpretive Study of Nurses'
Practice of Therapeutic Touch
(Phenomenological, Caring)"
. Thesis,
University of California, San Francisco, 1985, UMI #8524008.

Meehan, Therese Connell, RN, PhD. "Therapeutic Touch and Postoperative
Pain: A Rogerian Research Study"
. Nursing Science Quarterly, 6:2, Summer, 1993.

Mersmann, Cynthia A, PhD. "Therapeutic Touch and Milk Letdown In Mothers of
Non-Nursing Preterm Infants"
. Thesis, New York University, 1993, UMI #933919.

Olson, Melodie, and Sneed, Nancee, and LaVia, Mariano, and Virella,
Gabriel, and Bonandonna, Ramita, and Michel, Yvonne. "Stress-Induced
Immunosuppression and Therapeutic Touch
. Alternative Therapies, Vol 3,
No2, 1997.

Parkes, Brenda Sue, PhD. "Therapeutic Touch As An Intervention To Reduce
Anxiety In Elderly Hospitalized Patients"
. Thesis, The University of Texas
At Austin, 1985, UMI #860963.

Peck, Susan, RN, PHD. "The Efficacy of Therapeutic Touch for Improving
Functional Ability in Elders With Degenerative Arthritis"
. Nursing Science
Quarterly, 11:3, 1998.

Quinn, Janet F., PhD. "An Investigation of the Effects of Therapeutic Touch
Done Without Contact on State Anxiety of Hospitalized Cardiovascular
. Thesis, New York University, 1982, UMI #8226788.

Quinn, Janet, RN, PHD. "Therapeutic Touch as Energy Exchange: Replication
and Extension"
. Nursing Science Quarterly, 1989.

Quinn, Janet, PhD, RN, FAAN and Strelkauskas, Anthony, PhD.
"Psychoimmunologic Effects of Therapeutic Touch on Practitioners Recently
Bereaved Recipients: A Pilot Study."
Advances in Nursing Science, 15 (4) 1993.

Randolph, Gretchan, PhD, RN. "Therapeutic Touch and Physical Touch:
Physiological Response to Stressful Stimuli"
. Nursing Research, Vol 33, No
1., 1984.

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Robinson, Loretta Sue, DSN. "The Effects of Therapeutic Touch on The Grief
. Thesis, University of Alabama at Birmingham, 1995, UMI #9607297.

Samarel, Nelda, EdD, RN. "The Experience of Receiving Therapeutic Touch".
Journal of Advanced Nursing, 17, 1992.

Shuzman, Ellen, PhD. "The Effect of Trait Anxiety and Patient Expectation
of Therapeutic Touch
on the Reduction in State Anxiety in Preoperative
patients Who Receive Therapeutic Touch
. Thesis, New York University, 1993,
UMI #9423009

Simington, Jane. "Effects of Therapeutic Touch on Anxiety in the
Institutionalized Elderly"
. Clinical Nursing Research, Vol 2, No 4, 1993.

Snyder, Mariah, PhD. RN, Egan, Ellen, PhD, RN, FAAN, and Burns, Kenneth,
PhD., RN. "Interventions for Decreasing Agitation Behaviors in Persons
with Dementia"
. Journal of Gerontological Nursing, July 1995.

Sodergren, Kathleen Anne, PhD. "The Effect of Absorption and Social
Closeness on Responses to Educational and Relaxation Therapies in Patients
with Anticipatory Nausea and Vomiting During Cancer Chemotherapy"
. Thesis,
University of Minnesota, 1993, UMI #9413052.

Straneva, Jo A., DNS. "Therapeutic Touch and In Vitro Erythropoiesis".
Thesis, Indiana University School of Nursing, 1992, UMI #9316754.

Wirth, Daniel, MS, JD. "The Effect of Non-Contact Therapeutic Touch on the
Healing Rate of Full Thickness Dermal Wounds"
. Subtle Energies, Vol 1, No

Wirth, Daniel, MS, JD, and Cram, Jeffrey, PhD. "Multi-Site Electromyographic Analysis
of Non-Contact Therapeutic Touch
. International Journal of Psychosomatics, Vol 40, 1993.

Wirth, Daniel, MS, JD, and Cram, Jeffrey, PhD. "The Psychophysiology of
Nontraditional Prayer"
. International Journal of Psychosomatics, Vol 41, 1994

Wyatt, Hamilton, PhD, and Karilyn, Gwen, PhD. "Therapeutic Touch: Promoting
and Assessing Conceptual Change Among Health Care Professionals"
. Thesis,
Michigan State University, 1988, UMI #8900128.

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