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January 2002

Mark your calendars for the following events for
Therapeutic Touch Network Members & Associates

The following Events are taking place for the Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario:


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The TTNO recognizes these Retreats for Continuing Education credit for maintenance of the status of Recognized Practitioner and/or Recognized Teacher.

There are several TT retreats offered in Ontario. Watch for Specific Information regarding them. The following have been designated with specific number of days towards maintaining Recognized Practitioner Status in TTNO. (See Events for Pre-requisites and Credits.)

(1) FIFTH EASTERN ONTARIO REREAT, Prerequisite: Level 1 TT: May 24-26, 2002, Pembroke, ON. Facitated by Sheila Watt with Special Guest, Evelyn Mackay; Contact: Marguetite Centre (613) 732-9225, E-Mail:;

(2) 15TH ANNUAL ONTARIO RETREAT, Prerequisite: Level 3; June 13 - 16, 2002. Ecology Retreat Centre, Orangeville; Facilitated by Crystal Hawk (416) 922-4325, E-Mail: & Mary Simpson (905) 454-2688, E-Mail:

(3) ADVANCED HEALERS RETREAT. Prerequisite: TTNO Recognized Practitioners and Teachers; August 13 -16, 2002 ; Ecology Retreat Centre, Orangeville; Facilitated by Diane May (905) 276-1781, E-Mail: venture2@

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