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Practice Day 2006: The 2006 title is: “ “The Flow of Energy in Therapeutic Touch”” with a focus on Unruffling and Self Reflection. Send requests for Packages to Crystal Hawk at crystal.hawk@sympatico.ca or by phone to 416-922-4325. Include Location, Date, Contact with phone number and correct mailing address for Contact. If there is no Practice Day being presented in your area, please contact either Crystal Hawk or Shirley Boon and a facilitator will be located for you.

To request any Practice Day Package - send your name, full mailing address and phone number, with the location and date of the proposed Practice Day, contact name and phone number to Crystal Hawk at 416-922-4325, crystal.hawk@ sympatico.ca. Let us know If you need a Recognized Teacher to facilitate your Day and be sure to let us know which year you want to present. Previous Practice Day Packages are still available . Perhaps your location missed presenting one of the previous Practice Days and would like to experience the one on Compassion (2005), Color (2004), Intention (2003), or Centering (2002).

The following have already planned their 2006 Practice Day date.

The 2006 Practice Days

Dates Location Contact Guest Facilitator Number
Oct 14 Loring Cindy Graham   705-757-1383
Oct 14 Parry Sound Anna Brisson Patricia Tamosetis 705-342-5769
Oct 14 Chatham Louise Brody   519-354-0534

Feedback from some TTNO Practice Day Evaluations:

What I liked best about this day:
Being surrounded by such caring, powerful special people; the Practicum (5); working together to celebrate and share compassion; sharing; being with folks of like mind and interests; how our group really blended; getting together with other TTers; sharing new connections, compassion; Practicum with meditations setting the tone and focusing our attention; seeing people from TT whom I haven't seen for a while and meeting new TTers; the theme (3); the group at our table was great; large group discussion; morning small group; reinforcement & friendship; 2 nd meditation (5); the discussion about compassion; realizing that I can do TT with what comes naturally to me & I should not worry about not doing it right; energy in the room; giving and receiving;

Suggestions for gift giving in the future:
Some item connected with correspondence to remind us to keep in touch; something homemade; rainbows; healing stones; crystals (3); butterflies (2); no theme, just bring something; bird theme (4); Animal theme (2) water; music theme; Angels (4) or Fairies; books (2); something from the sea/ocean;

Suggested Topics for the future:
Intuition (3); TT with people who are ill; Relaxation Response; Light; Spirituality in TT; TT with children, pets; long distance healing; self love & self care; Chakras;

Let’s hear from you about this? Leave your suggestions at 416-922-4325.or on crystal.hawk@sympatico.ca.

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